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Prequalify your Subcontractors

Clean up your data and get your subcontractors prequalified. Using the prequalification updater requires minimal effort from the General Contractor and provides, clean, reliable data on your subcontractors.. 

Access Professionally Verified Subs Nationwide

Verified Network Subcontractors are the cream of the crop. Real experts validate contractor credentials and monitor contractor information to ensure that data is accurate and not expired.

New Public Directory w/ 100,000's of Contractors

Pantera's directory of subcontractors will be available for General Contractors directly in the address book. Click on a subcontractor in the public database to view their profile and their qualifications to see if they are a fit for your project and get the coverage that you need.. 

Prequalifying Subcontractors on your own can be costly in time and money. Pantera provides General Contractors with the prequalification updater, the Verified Network, and the public directory at no additional cost, it is included with your plan room!

No Cost for General Contractors

100,000's of bidding subcontractors in new directory, the ability to prequalify all of your subcontractors, and access to a network of highly vetted and verified subcontractors now available for Pantera General Contractors.

Verified Network Benefits for the General Contractor

  • Verified Network contacts in address book are always current
  • Verification with real experts synced in real time
  • Expiration's are tracked in the system to notify GC's, Subs, and Verification Staff when an item is expired
  • Documents are sorted into folders for easy access and are accessible with the click of a button
  • Intuitive icons and flags for status alerts
  • Verification is completed by Professionals
  • Contractors Nationwide, so that you have someone you can trust on those jobs in unfamiliar territory
  • Safer work environment
  • Reduced liability and risk
  • Potentially Reduce Insurance Premiums
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For all Verified Network Membership Companies, the documents collected, verified, and additional reports include

• W9 Collection and Business Entity Registration Verification

• Insurance Certificate Collection for GL, Auto, Umbrella, Worker’s Comp. and Quarterly Agency Verification insurance coverage to ensure in-force insurance

Semi-Annual Surety Letter Collection and Issuer verification of limits of Single and Aggregate Bonding Amounts*

Semi-Annual Work in Progress “WIP” Schedule collection

• OSHA 300A Log Collection

• 3 Year Experience Modification Ratings Collection and Verification*

• Quarterly OSHA Citation/Violation Fines Verification

• Trade License Collections*

• Minority/Disadvantage Collections and Verifications*

• 3 Project Reference Verifications

• ExperianTM  Business Profile Reports **

*if applicable to the business, this item is collected and verified with the issuing party if verification is referenced above

**This report does not apply to sole-proprietors